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Feedsearch API

I've just published a new microsite and API called Feedsearch, which provides an easy way to search websites for RSS, Atom, and JSON feeds.

Feedsearch is primarily meant to be a thin public API wrapper around the Feedsearch Python package, which I wrote to support feed search capabilities in my side project Auctorial. I couldn't find a public library or service that both searched for feeds and returned feed and site metadata, so I wrote this one. In addition to the API, the site allows users to search for feeds using a standard webform.

The code and documentation for the Feedsearch package is hosted in the Feedsearch Github repository. The site and API code is also on Github. The API runs on the Flask framework, and is converted with the ridiculously easy to use Zappa library to run on AWS Lambda.

Acknowledgements are due to Dan Foreman-Mackey for his Feedfinder2 library, from which I stole and extended the original code for Feedsearch, and to Dave Winer for giving us RSS in the first place.

I hope people keep using and writing code for RSS. I think it's important that RSS continues to thrive, both on a personal level (it's how I get most of my reading material), and on a professional level (it's used heavily in Auctorial). RSS is by far the best way we currently have to propagate news and articles around the web; Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit aren't suited for the kind of aggregation that RSS enables.